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KineMaster Chroma Key is one of the best features in KineMaster video editing application. If you want to change the background of your video then you need Chroma Key option. First, you can recorder in a green screen using Chroma-Key let the characters are extracted from the original background also you can add the background of another video.

These features are mostly used in cinema industries. The KineMaster Chroma Key tool helps you edit the video most professional manner.  It is the most powerful video editing application which helps you create outstanding videos with the help of unlimited video editing tools.

KineMaster Chroma Key
KineMaster Chroma Key

Overview of KineMaster Chroma Key:

It is based on the VFX technique which is used to remove or change the background by selecting a color. Usually, the green color is mostly used in all the field. KineMaster Chroma Key is also called green screen and it is widely used all over the cinema industry. Most of the Hollywood and modern Cinemas using this Chroma Key feature.

If you are your short filmmaker then this KineMaster Chroma Key is very helpful to you make wonderful outstanding videos. With KineMaster Pro video editor you can get the option to select any color but v recommended to select green color because it does work quite well.
KineMaster Chroma Key
KineMaster Chroma Key
Using this KineMaster Chroma Key you can try this option Yourself by using your smartphone camera. Once you record the video and import the video into KineMaster. Now tap the Chroma Key option and you can see only the character and the whole green background is gone. Short filmmakers using this technique to movie character from one location to another location and change the background of the video. So you can use KineMaster Chroma Key to easily change the background of your video.

KineMaster Chroma Key APK download:

The Chroma Key feature is one of the most advanced video editing tools in KineMaster which helps to change the background of your video. If you want KineMaster Chroma Key then you select KineMaster pro version because KineMaster provides both free trial version and pro version. The provision is subscription service so you need to purchase it from KineMaster asset Store.

The green screen also available in the free version. But in the pro version, we can use unlimited video editing tools. KineMaster Chroma Key is widely used in the shooting of movies that the whole shoots of movies are recorded at one particular place, later that with the help of the Chroma Key feature to change the background of the video. Using the same technique most of the short filmmakers for using KineMaster Chroma Key feature.

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How to use KineMaster Chroma Key?

Most of the people know very well the benefits of KineMaster Chroma Key but they don't know how to use it? Don't worry, here this tutorial will provide full details on KineMaster Chroma Key and how to use it. After reading this complete article you will make a professional video editor with the help of KineMaster Chroma Key option. In order to use KineMaster Chroma Key follow these below instructions.

Step 1:
First of all, you will need to have a short clip of a green screen. As we mentioned above you can create your own. Also, you can simply visit Google and search for green screen footage.
KineMaster Chroma Key
KineMaster Chroma Key
Step 2:
Now go to your gallery unselect any image or video. Now tap on the layer and import the green screen footage. 
Step 3:
Tap on the Chroma Key option opens up the Chroma Key interface. It will automatically pop in ones you import any video clip green screen background.
Step 4:
KineMaster Chroma Key
KineMaster Chroma Key
No enabled the Chroma Key option. After that, you can add effects, text, and stickers through KineMaster. Also, you can remove the picture and replace it with another picture. You can move the clip anywhere on the screen.
Step 5:
Finally, you can export your short video by tapping the share button. Depending on your device configuration the quality of video and resolution size. Different type of resolutions is available like 720 p, 30fps and much more. Once you export your video gallery play the video. Also, you can share your video with social media.

That's about it. If you have any queries about KineMaster Chroma key or any other video editing tools please contact us.

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